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Family History Research

Genealogical research in the UK - from simple look-ups to family histories spanning several generations

Not everyone can have illustrious, royal or blue-blooded ancestry. For most of us our ancestors are more likely to have been ordinary men and women working in agriculture, coal mines, textile mills, factories or 'in service'.

However, it can still be immensely rewarding to research our own genealogy and find out about the lives and work of our more humble forbears. There may be poignant moments when our research reveals deaths at a young age or pride when we learn about the terrible hardships that our ancestors overcame in the past. Often the information discovered can give us insights into our own present day family.

If family history research is such a satisfying pastime, why would you ever want someone else to do research for you? Well...

  • Unfortunately, even today, not all records are on-line. Many are held in local record offices and archives. Sometimes it is just not cost-effective to visit yourself and this is where someone more local, like myself, can help by checking historical records on your behalf.
  • You may love the idea of learning more about your family's history and sharing it with your relatives, but do not have enough spare time to devote to the actual research. I can do that research for you.
  • Often a fresh pair of eyes or a different approach can discover new facts or sources of information and help you break down those brick walls.

Click on About Me to find out more about my history and the resources I like to use.

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