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The Services I Offer

Local Archive Research

I can carry out research for you at Bury and Bolton Archives (archives in surrounding areas in Lancashire and Manchester subject to discussion and mileage costs).

You will receive a written report on the sources consulted on your behalf and any information found. I can order copies of any relevant records on your behalf where applicable.

On-line Research

I use various free and subscription sites which provide records for England, Scotland and Wales.

Again, you will receive a report listing the sites consulted and any information found. Copies of any relevant records may be provided if permissible under copyright.

Local Photography

To illustrate your family story, I can provide photographs of local features such as churches, gravestones, schools or streets where they still exist.

Family History Writing Service

You may have done lots of research or very little, but whether it is paper-based or on your computer, it can be difficult to share with others because it is not in the form of an 'accessible story'. I can write your story for you. There are three main options:

  • Copy Typing

    Your story is already handwritten - you just need me to word process it and include any images provided by you or photographs supplied by me.

  • Copywriting

    You have various research notes, documents and photographs. You need me to study and extract the relevant information from these to create an engaging family story.

  • Research and Copywriting

    You have done very little or no research. In this case, I would offer the normal research service plus the copywriting option subject to the usual discussion and agreement of your budget.

    Stories are supplied in sturdy document covers with spines to protect them. They can also be presented in high quality springback binders; available in two sizes and a variety of finishes, at extra cost.

To read some short samples of my work, go to Past Lives.

Sample Photo

Local Photography.

Sample Photo

Family History Writing Service.