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Terms and Conditions

Effective from 1st January 2019

By authorising Family Forbears to undertake research on your behalf, you agree to the following terms and conditions, which form the contract between Family Forbears and yourself.

Charges & Payments

When I receive an enquiry, I will contact you to discuss your research requirements. No payment is required for this initial consultation. Chargeable research will only be started when, and if, we have agreed on the type of research to be undertaken and the probable time period desired. I will not exceed this agreed time period, nor incur extra chargeable expenses such as copies of documents without your approval.

Regrettably, I cannot begin any research until the initial payment agreed upon has been received. All payments should be made in £ sterling. Any invoices should be paid within 28 days of the date of the invoice.

Any chargeable expenses such as copies of documents obtained on your behalf during the research will be invoiced at the end of each agreed research period.

Even when research is successful, I may be unable to locate a particular record. Any time spent searching for a particular record will, of course, be detailed in the report and will be charged for. Research that does not result in a relevant entry or document being found is disappointing, but not a waste of time or money as this line of research can then be avoided in the future.


Research above the minimum periods required can be cancelled at any time as long as any research already completed at the time of cancellation and any other expenses incurred in connection with that research are paid for in full. Research carried out will remain my property until full payment is received.

In the unfortunate event of research for a One Name Family Tree Package hitting a total 'brick wall', with your agreement, I will switch to a second family line of your choice to complete the package. If this is impossible, a refund of any outstanding payment will be made.


With the client's agreement, research will be sent to them either digitally or by Royal Mail UK Confirmed parcel services.


All the text, photographs and graphics on this website (unless otherwise acknowledged) are the copyright of familyforbears.co.uk and may not be reproduced without permission.

The copyright of all images (photographic or otherwise) supplied to clients remains with Family Forbears.

In my research for clients I make every effort to ensure that nothing I provide breaches the copyright of another individual or organisation. Should there be an inadvertent breach of copyright, I will take all reasonable steps to remove the material or seek the necessary permission.

Where clients provide me with information to include in their family histories, it is their responsibility to ensure that the material is free from copyright or that they have the necessary permission.


In my research I do my utmost to ensure the accuracy of my findings and check original records wherever possible. Old documents can be difficult to decipher due to fading, damage and illegible handwriting and different records often contradict each other. The occasional error may, therefore, occur. If you feel there may be a mistake in my research, please contact me as soon as possible, ideally before any final written stage, and I will take all reasonable steps to check and correct it if necessary.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the information you provide so that I can start my research is accurate. I will not check this information unless you specifically request it as part of the research commission.

Some surnames, such as Hartley in the Burnley area for example, are very common. The chances of successful research are reduced especially if no further family information can be provided by the client. I reserve the right, therefore, to decline a research opportunity where I think the possibility of success is too limited.

This Contract is governed by the law of England and Wales and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Family Forbears uses and protects any information that you provide.

I may collect the following information:

contact details
family information

Your personal information is used only for the purposes of communicating with you and in order to undertake your family history research.

It is kept in a confidential manner. No information whatsoever is passed to third parties without your permission.

At the end of the agreed research period, and at your request, any personal information that you have supplied to me in connection with your family history research will be either:

(i) destroyed
(ii) returned to you with the report
(iii) retained for an agreed period of time in case of future research requests

I am registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissioner's Office (registration number ZA093182).


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